DSIS can assist your business selecting the most suitable IT solution for your business.  Unlike many other IT providers, we are not tied into any single vendor and our staff are not paid commission so you can be sure that our representatives will advise you on the best solution for your needs, rather than the solution that maximises their commission.


At DSIS we are strong believers in understanding the business requirements for your IT purchases as the first step in selecting the right equipment with the right specification for the task in hand.
We can then help you select Hardware and/or Software of the correct specification to meet your current and expected future business requirements, to assist you in meeting your business goals.

Purchase Advice

DSIS are happy to assist our customers with independent tailored purchasing advice, to assist you in selecting the right products for your needs based on our technical knowledge and your business expertise.
We can assist you with researching available options for a new IT system, evaluating options and delivering a summary report detailing recommendations. This frees you to focus on your business whilst being confident that your IT decisions are well grounded.


DSIS can supply the hardware and software required to run your business from leading IT vendors at competitive prices. As we are not tied a single supplier, we can offer you a number of options to allow you to select the best product for your needs.