We are proud to be working towards becoming a certified member of the PCG ISO9001 quality scheme. Achieving this standard will mean not only that we have proved the effectiveness of our business processes to UKAS accredited ISO9001:2008 auditors, but also that we adhere strictly to the Scheme’s Code of Ethics. This shows that we continually maintain the highest levels of integrity and business excellence.


PCG ISO9001 is a scheme for consultancy businesses to achieve full ISO9001:2008 compliance, independently audited by the most widely recognised certification body in the world (BVQi). PCG ISO9001 includes a mandatory Code of Ethics (“Code of Ethics”) for participating members.

Further details of the Scheme are available at


A copy of the current Code of Ethics can be viewed at


We have committed to adhere to the PCG ISO9001 scheme's Code of Ethics at all time. This is true during any period of engagement that we, or any consultant that we employ, have with our clients. We strive to continually improve the quality, skill and competency of the services we supply, and will always do so in accordance with our contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements relevant to our business sector.


The Scheme requires us to maintain a quality management system. This system is designed to ensure that our clients’ comments, both positive and negative, are recorded. Our records are subject to audit and affect our continued certification under the Scheme.

As we aim to provide our clients with the best possible service at all times, it is important for us to gain their feedback. We invite you, entirely without obligation, to let us know your comments.

We hope that you never have cause to believe that we may have failed our commitment. However, we have set out the steps to take in respect of commitment failure below. It is a requirement of the Scheme that we enter any correspondence relating to commitment failure into our Quality Management System and generate an acknowledgment to you.


Adherence to our commitments is a vital element of our participation in the Scheme. In the event that you believe that we have failed to meet the standards set out in this Quality Commitment then we ask that you raise the matter directly with our representative with whom you have been dealing as a first step. However, if you consider the matter to be sufficiently serious, or you consider our initial response to be unsatisfactory, then please set out your issue to us in correspondence (in email or letter form). You may at any time copy correspondence to PCG ISO9001 administration by emailing

Our commitment is to endeavour to respond as soon as it is practicable to any issue that you raise with us in this way.