Welcome to DSIS – the support network behind your IT systems

Modern businesses rely heavily on the processing power and communications functions of computers, so it’s critically important to keep your IT systems operating reliably and efficiently at all times. Achieving this can demand knowledge and expertise that many companies simply don’t have, yet failures of computer software or hardware can be terribly damaging in numerous ways.

Based in Glasgow, DSIS is a computing and IT company specialising in ensuring the smooth and effective operation of all your computer equipment, programs and networks. We have decades of priceless knowledge, from hardware replacement and data recovery through to hosting websites and dealing with email viruses. As a result, you can simply focus on your day-to-day business, leaving us to handle computing matters without stress or interruption.

Our friendly team of experts can help you with one-off requests and long-term support alike. However, at DSIS, we pride ourselves on building on-going relationships with clients, becoming the first port of call for all their computing and IT needs. We can assist clients of any size with projects of any nature - take a look through this site and see how DSIS could provide the IT and computing support to help your business to flourish.

Call us now to arrange a free IT healthcheck consultation to help provide you with clarity on your IT systems.